[2D] Reflectance Image Quality Checker

Today I finished the Release Candidate (RC) of the Reflectance Image Quality Checker software. This piece of software allows you to upload an image (.jpg, .tif, whatever) into the website. The website analyses the image through Matlab in the background, and within 10 seconds gives you all the Quality information.

Fancy isn’t it? Although the engine of test-target image analysis is long finished, I just laid the last hand on the corresponding website today. I have implemented the support for the localization and analysis of the following targets: QA62, ColorChecker SG ,Q13, Q14, SRC, UTT.

So first, you make a picture of a testtarget, a picture that contains at least four slanted edge targets to measure real resolution, and a ColorChecker SG for the coloranalysis. Then we upload:

Choose a "project" that sets the reference values that determine quality demands. Then upload..

And then you upload the file, and choose a project that has ‘Metamorfoze 2007’ norms,.. and then..

Quality: CHECKED! (now tell me that's not a fancy layout!)

So, if the quality is NOT good, the images will turn red and blurred, and will display on themselves what exactly does not comply to the standards, such as color values or ‘sharpness’.

And then if you’re someone that likes statistics and reviewing and data mining like myself, you can find yourself reviewing the quality of different systems all day long on the corresponding “Quality Review” page:

Quality Review page, all info of the latest quality tests on different systems

The test-target reviewing software engine is modular, that means, that instead of applying it to a website like this case, you can also apply it on a whole batch of images that contain test-targets, and automatically correct them to desired values, for instance; or whatever you can make up.

Sidenote: all this software written is supposed to be Open-Source, or free or whatever you call it. Production is commercial: Quality is not.

Tim Zaman

MSc Biorobotics. Specialization in computer vision and deep learning. Works at NVIDIA.

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