[2D] X-Rite Colorchecker SG ruler

<UPDATE> contacted X-Rite about this “Thank you for contacting X-Rite regarding Product Support. This is an automated message. An X-Rite representative will be in touch with you by phone or email.” Response “Dear Tim, it seems you have identified a printing error which we have to correct on the next edition. But this doesn’t take any effect on the chart. Wolfgang Renner” This was not the response i was hoping for. They do not see this is not only a ‘stupid’ mistake, but can also have consequences when you are calibrating a setup for lets say 300dpi (which will then be 295dpi, if you think that 59mm is in fact 59mm). This is more than a commonly used 1% threshold. So i replied ” This does have an effect on the chart. Say you would use the ruler to obtain a resolution of 300dpi. You would then be tuning with 59mm instead of 60mm, thus in fact obtaining a resolution different than 300dpi.

Tim Zaman”
“Yes in this case you have to consider 59 instead of 60 mm … Of course we have addressed this issue to the product manager in charge take corrective actions. Regards, Wolfgang Renner, Technical Support Specialist”


Error is STILL in the newly produced SG targets.]]>

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