[Flightcomputer] "Pictura 1" PCB

This is the PCB file for the Flightcomputer module breakout. I have used this for the Space Camera projects (link). Making this one custom costs like $8. It incorporates a good conenction to hook up your t68i ericsson telephone for serial commands (SMSing), and its used to go with the Radiometrix NTX2 breakout for radioconnections and the Lassen IQ breakout for the GPS connetions, you should make those as well. It is all powered by 3 AAA batteries you paste on top. Then, you have to get a Arduino Pro Mini as well that is the brains of this PCB.
I have made these breakouts in a free version of Eagle (which is great, you can download it here). You can make PCB’s for very cheap at www.batchpcb.com or even better at http://www.seeedstudio.com/.

Also, i have a few of these boards spare and i don’t use them: if you like, you can have one.

Scroll down to download the PCB files in a .zip file.


Both sides copper and silkscreen

Neatly ordened electrical schematic

Another pcb preview


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PCB_Pictura1_compiled.zip (Compiled for uploading to PCB dealer)PCB_Pictura1_raw.zip (Raw data for you to edit in Eagle)

Tim Zaman

MSc Biorobotics. Specialization in computer vision and deep learning. Works at NVIDIA.

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6 Responses

  1. DeFix says:

    Even een vraagje, wat voor software draai je eigenlijk op dat ding?

  2. Dave Jones says:

    Where did you get all the parts from for this?

    I’m starting to get the parts together to make my own flight computer but really don’t know where to start!!

    I’d make a nice donation for all the help that you could give me 🙂

  3. joe says:

    Excellent, is possible to buy it somewhere?

  4. W says:

    Dat ziet er weer kek uit Zaman. Good job.

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