[CAD] Image on PCB using Eagle from Library

The problem is that you cannot run that “import-bmp” when making a library part, but there is a easy workaround.

Make the image

Take any image you like. For instance, when using photoshop, take any image: then firstly go to the histogram: then tune the histogram curves so you get a black-white image. Then convert to bitonal image, then save as bitmap. This image really has to have a resolution of ~300dpi.

Getting the image to Eagle

Make a new project, open a board file, run the import-bmp with some values (you figure it out). Now, select this entire image and COPY it.

Getting it into the library

Go to your library, go to “make a package” and just go in there and “PASTE” it. It’s as easy as that. Make a device from it and you’re essentially done for further use! ]]>

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1 Response

  1. robertoponti says:

    Thanks! It went as easy as you have explained here. Now I have a gorgeous logo on my PCB!