[CAD] Image on PCB using Eagle from Library

When you make your own custom PCB, you’re really going to have to put something on there: not just your name, but invent a logo – that’s the best part.

Doing that is easy, handling it is not. Doing that requires only some basic knowledge of bitmaps and Eagle.

This small tutorial tells you how to easily import images (from jpg, gif, bmp, whatever) to your eagle, and use them efficiently and easily.

Importing just a single custom image is easy: when looking at your board, just click “Run” from the menu, and choose “import-bmp”; then you get your image. Handling that image truly sucks because it will be made up out of thousands of lines. Better: make a library part from your logo, so you can handle it one go; and use it later more easily.
The problem is that you cannot run that “import-bmp” when making a library part, but there is a easy workaround.

Make the image

Take any image you like. For instance, when using photoshop, take any image: then firstly go to the histogram: then tune the histogram curves so you get a black-white image. Then convert to bitonal image, then save as bitmap. This image really has to have a resolution of ~300dpi.

Getting the image to Eagle

Make a new project, open a board file, run the import-bmp with some values (you figure it out). Now, select this entire image and COPY it.

Getting it into the library

Go to your library, go to “make a package” and just go in there and “PASTE” it. It’s as easy as that. Make a device from it and you’re essentially done for further use!

Tim Zaman

MSc Biorobotics. Specialization in computer vision and deep learning. Works at NVIDIA.

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  1. robertoponti says:

    Thanks! It went as easy as you have explained here. Now I have a gorgeous logo on my PCB!