[Radio] Long range radio link [Digi Xtend] (for Beagleboard)

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Some time ago i fabricated 10 custom PCB breakouts for the Digi Xtend 900 MHz 1Watt radio transmitter. They are simple breakouts on which you can mount the Xtend module, and give it a USB connector and some nice lights to see what the thing is doing. I have used these boards to give the Beagleboard a long range wireless radio link. Sadly though, these Xtend module’s are not really permitted in Holland (900Mhz, 1Watt), so I decided not to use them. But still, maybe someone from America or Australia can still use my design. The breakout that the Digi company offers is around 300E, while my module costs around 8$ with all the parts. I still have some PCB’s left, so if you want them i can send you one if you pay for the mail.

A short video of the units sending eachother JPG images


Some images

See below two images. Scroll down for the downloads.

The two long range radio modules with USB connectors, SMA antenna's and beagleobard mounting holes

Schematic and Boardlayout

PCB Board layout

PCB Schematic of the Xtend breakout


Click the image below to download the Eagle CAD files:


If you are interested in more ‘breakouts’ or ‘shields’ like this radio one; or if you have a Beagleboard (on which this module mounts exactly) you might want to check out my other post in which i have made a battery-board and a GPS/GPRS board.

Tim Zaman

Engineer from The Netherlands (1988). Living in Delft. MSc degree in Robotics. Is on a PhD research position on development of imaging devices. For contact see 'About' in the above menu.

8 Responses

  1. Alexandros Kontopoulos says:

    Hi Tim,
    I have a couple of Xtend radios and I’m struggling to make them work. Do you still have these extra PCBs ? I can paypall the funds.


  2. sean says:

    Hello Tim, I am interested in a set if you still have them avaliable.

  3. Paul McWhorter says:

    Hello from Texas! I very much want to use the Xtend radios, but need a breakout board with USB as you describe. Will you sell me two boards, and ship to TX, USA? I can paypal funds.
    Paul McWhorter

  4. Jonathan Correa says:

    hello would like to know
    Who is the creator of this technology?

  5. Jonathan Correa says:

    hola quisiera saber
    ¿quien es el creador de esta tecnologia?

    hello would like to know
    Who is the creator of this technology?

  6. Lee says:

    Hello Tim,
    What a helpful article!
    Is Beagleboard PCB available? Could you send two to USA florida , if you don’t mind it.
    The fee can be paid by paypal or credit card.
    Thanks for the help.

  7. Hugo says:

    Nice article Tim!!!

    I have been searching all weekend information, schematicos and pcb´s about the configuration and use of the XBEE XTEND.
    Your article is very interesting and useful for me.
    I am going to try to arm a pcb with the information that you upload in your article. And if you let me, I would like to share my results in this space.

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