ILX-555K Line Scanner Breakout

I have designed a PCB breakout for the Sony ILX-555K line scanner sensor. It’s a reduction type CCD linear sensor. It has 32.040 pixels (10.680×3(R,G,B)) in total. Note that this model does need a quite high input of 15 Volt, for usage with development boards this is not ideal, for that see my post on the Sony ILX 554B sensor.. Here are the datasheets and schematics of the breakout printed circuit board i designed. Licence is Beerware: use it and you owe me beer.


ILX 555K Schematic

ILX 555K Schematic


ILX 555K Board

ILX 555K Board

Tim Zaman

MSc Biorobotics. Specialization in computer vision and deep learning. Works at NVIDIA.

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8 Responses

  1. Müslüm İncedal says:

    I found the problem, site content blocked in Turkey, Thank you…

  2. Müslüm İncedal says:

    I think you upload Gerber files, schematics image dead ::))

  3. Müslüm İncedal says:

    Timmm What is the problem you’re not helping your cause…

    • Tim Zaman says:

      Not helping? I think I have helped enough by posting this for other people to learn. Eating a pie will teach you nothing about making pie’s, so try making your own pie by following the above recipe and hints. Assembly diagram is attached as picture. The gerber you can make yourselves.

  4. Müslüm İncedal says:

    I would appreciate if you can help…

  5. Müslüm İncedal says:

    Assembly diagram you share please…