ILX-554B Line Scanner Breakout

I have designed a PCB breakout for the ILX-554B line scanner sensor. It’s a 2048-pixel CCD Linear Sensor (B/W) for Single 5V Power Supply. Now this model is very nice because it wants a quite low input (5V) whereas others often need at least 10V. Here are the datasheets and schematics of the breakout printed circuit board i designed. Licence is Beerware: use it and you owe me beer.


ILX 554B Schematic

ILX 554B Schematic


ILX 554b Board

ILX 554b Board

Tim Zaman

MSc Biorobotics. Specialization in computer vision and deep learning. Works at NVIDIA.

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2 Responses

  1. DAMIAN says:

    hi i am from Argentina Damian wanted to know if you could say how or help read data obtained by the CCD camera 554b ILX with a pic that I do not understand how to interpret the data me … thank you very much

  2. zairig says:

    HI , i have an ILX-554B can you help me to build the circuit , a tutorial or a shematic for the cloking and ROG